About Paleon’s Museum

Paleon’s Museum

The Glenrock Paleontological Museum was formed in 1995 after Sean Smith, our Director of Paleontology, found a Triceratops on a local ranch.  Since then, the museum has continued to grow, adding fossils from Cretaceous, Jurassic and Oligocene time periods including marine reptiles, sauropod dinosaurs, theropod dinosaurs and mammals in addition to many other fossils.  All of our fossils were found in Wyoming and will remain here for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages.

Since our primary mission is education, the Paleon Museum offers a wide range of educational opportunities.  In addition to the museum experience we offer tours of our preparation lab, giving our visitors a first-hand look at the process and care of the fossils after they are brought in from the field.  Our preparation staff looks forward to showing the visitors the projects they are working on and explaining the intricacies involved in fossil preparation.

Along with education, our other primary mission is science and research.  We have a large collection of fossils, including some rare and new species.  Our facility is open to all researches who wish to come and further their education and contribute to the Paleontological community.

Housed in a historic 32 thousand square foot building in downtown Glenrock, Wyoming we continue to expand our collections and exhibits, so we may provide a greater experience and education for our visitors.  We look forward to showing you are museum and exploring the world of Paleontology with you.

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