What Should I Bring On A Dig

Paleon Museum's Dig for a Day

"Day Dig"

You will need to bring your lunch or be prepared to eat at one of Glenrock’s fine establishments. Sunscreen is a must as well as long pants, a hat, and good walking shoes (boots are preferable, but not required). Feel free to bring cameras to record your experience with us! Families with smaller children should understand that there is some walking involved, and the weather can get pretty warm (above 90 degrees) so bring plenty of water.

We recommend children be at least in grade school; second graders with some school exposure to 'dinosaurs' are generally able to pick up quite a bit of information. Of course, high school and college students are given more challenging sites and tasks, and can learn a great deal about paleontology.

Also, there are no on-site restroom facilities, so be ready for the “camping” experience!


Paleon Museum's Dig for a Week

"Paleo-Discovery Digs" 


Eating In Glenrock, Wyoming

Classic Cafe and Pizza - 201 S 4th, 307-436-2244. {Excellent burgers}

Paisley Shawl & Hotel Higgins - 416 W Birch, 307-436-9212. {Excellent food, full bar}

 Fort Diablo Steak House & Saloon - 1136 Hwy 87-26-20, 307-436-2288. {Excellent steaks}

Accomodations in Glenrock, Wyoming

Hotel Higgins - 416 W Birch, 307-436-9212. {Historic old hotel with period furnishings}

Mabuhay Motel - 302 W Birch, 307-436-5468. {New motel with local owner}

Sites near Glenrock:

Glenrock, Wyoming - the town's website.

Glenrock Chamber of Commerce - site under construction.

The Rock in the Glen - west side of Glenrock, ask at the Paleon, see above two sites. {Pioneer inscriptions, and 70 million year old shark teeth}

The Glenrock Deer Creek Museum - 935 W Birch, 307-436-2810 (see the Glenrock website). {Great early Americana displays}

Mountain Memories - Turtle Rock Ranch visits and overnights.

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