Museum Displays

The main display room features two central 'sand boxes', wall display cabinets, and individual mounts. Displays feature examples of late Jurassic, late Cretaceous, and Oligocene. Strata include formations of Morrison, Cody, Mesa Verde, Lewis, Pierre, Fox Hills, Lance, and White River, as well as deposits from the late Pleistocene.

The Prep Lab

The Paleon's preparation lab is state of the art. We have eight custom prep tables, each with power, pressure air, vacuum, and magnifier lights. In addition to the standard glues, picks, and brushes, we have air tools (two types), dissection and cell microscopes with digital image capability, and a Comco micro-abrasion blasting station. We typically have 3 to 5 highly skilled preparators working 3 half days a week on our backlog of jacketed bones.

Molding, Casting, and Mounting Lab

We have a large collection of molds from our fossil collection which we make casts replicas for sale in our gift shop and on our website. We can create molds for very small to very large items, including very complex skulls and vertebra. We are proficient at both block and over mold techniques. One of our best selling items is a T Rex tooth. They have been made into necklaces, magic wands, and wall decorations, as well as simply kept as mementos.

Paleon Gift Shop

The reception area of the building has the Glenrock Chamber of Commerce office and the Paleon Gift Shop. The gift shop is a small operation selling castings of teeth and claws and tee-shirts, among other items. You can now purchase on-line Paleon Store and view choose from a variety of castings in our Bone Shop.

View of Classroom Workstations

The Paleon staff includes several certified teachers, at various levels. We have taught high school science credit recovery classes, high school credit classes, and are prepared and qualified to teach college classes (geology, paleontology, anatomy, mathematics). We use our classrooms for these courses as well as seminars and informal instruction for amateurs.

View of Classroom Project (Camel Mount)

We have computer stations and a variety of microscopes for exploration and research. A small research library is kept in the classroom as well. The classroom has two restrooms and is air conditioned.

View of Classroom Comparative Anatomy Station

We keep an assortment of modern skulls and skeletons (including human) for comparative purposes, teaching similarities and differences along the evolutionary path of species.


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