Instruction & Expertise

The Paleon's Director of Paleontology is Sean Smith. He has a BS degree in Geology with a minor in Anthropology, and has over 15 years experience working as the director of this museum. He has worked with Dr. Robert Bakker (a patron of the Paleon) for many years. Sean has developed almost all of the sites used by the Paleon and has extensive knowledge of Wyoming's geology and paleontology. He has taught high school classes and has created college courses (for both college students and high school teachers of science) and is approved to teach at the adjunct level.

Sean is a natural teacher, and can present complex material to students at any level. His Socratic teaching style (learned in part from Dr. Bakker) demands that his pupils apply reason and logic in solving the puzzles presented by field geology and paleontology.

Sean has expertise in many related areas. He is the museum's expert in geology and paleontology, of course. He is also our expert in creating complex molds for casting difficult pieces. He has taught several staff simple molding and casting. His field work is exemplary; his motto seems to be 'do the science, correctly'. He does site survey and can jacket the most unwieldy of finds. He has taught our bone preparators for years, coaxing them into becoming experts in their own right; and now they teach others the skills they learned.

Stuart McCrary is the museum's Administrative Director. His skill in finding grants and donations, scheduling digs, and providing the logistic support for the museum is phenomenal. He is also our display designer, cabinet and display constructor, and skeleton mount designer and builder. These are arts that must be learned 'hands-on', and Stuart can teach these skills. Stuart has veterinarian training as well, and is very adept with anatomy, recognizing bones from the smallest of exposures.

Staff expertise includes several volunteers who can take teams into the field, give guided tours of the museum and its 'behind the scenes' functioning, and do casting and painting of simple items (teeth and claws).

Additional instructional expertise of staff members include certified high school and middle school teachers, adjunct professors (science and math), and vocational instructors.

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