Available Activities:

Both graduate and undergraduate credit programs run by the college or university department or, with approval, by the Paleon staff, are easily accomplished at the Paleon Field Station. Earth Sciences, Geology, Paleontology, Energy Resources, Water Management, it is all here and readily accessible in Wyoming.

There are several 'master's theses' projects waiting to be undertaken. We believe we have at least three new species: an Apatosaur, Camarasaur, and Plesiosaur. These animals need some prep work done, be researched, drawn, and have the papers written and published under the auspices of a recognized college or university with a full professor as advisor.

Course credit could be offered for summer courses (some courses could be offered in winter as well) in fossil preparation, museum display, site survey, field work (recovery), molding and casting, research and identification, skeleton mounting, geologic mapping, and energy research (Wyoming excels in supplying coal, gas, oil and wind to the energy industry).

Please contact Paleon Museum to arrange a discussion of any needs you have that might be addressed by our facility.

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