Sites & Strata

The Paleon has, over the last 15 years, developed many dig sites. Some are within walking distance of the museum, some require a half day's drive. All are within Wyoming. Most of our sites are on private land with the express permission of the land owners. Some are on state property (marine invertebrates) and some on city property. For a more in-depth description of the various sites, see our Dig Strata.

Several of our sites have the proviso attached to our contract that the fossils recovered are not to be sold or permanently leave the state of Wyoming. This does not preclude long term loans or leases of the fossils, or the selling or loan of casts of the fossils. Our Morrison finds come from the well known Como Bluffs, of Marsh and Cope fame (we even have a signed copy of one of Marsh's field reference books). This private ranch offers a yearly lease for recovery privileges which the Paleon does not have at this time. Arrangements can be made by picking up the lease or sub-leasing from any current holder. Other Morrison digs sites are pending.

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