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Paleon Museum provides General School Tours dedicated to the education of children of all ages. Each year we see many students during the school year for special tours of the facility. The students range from preschool to high school and are from schools throughout Wyoming.  Outreach lectures can be scheduled with our Paleontologist.  The Paleontologist visits local high school classes to discuss his scientific field and the jobs that extend from it. This allows the student a glimpse into the diversity of Paleontology and also a new way to view the possible employment opportunities which lie there.  

Your Ride is an enrichment day coordinator which selects different groups to go into elementary schools in Natrona County and spend from half to full days talking to the classes about their profession. In taking part, the Paleon hopes to spark the scientific curiosity of these children and foster a continued love of learning.  Summer school for those high school students needing a credit in Science. The students are taken into our field area the first half of the day to learn Paleontological procedures and experience hands-on exactly what a Paleontologist does in the field. The second half of the day is spent in the classroom learning various scientific procedures and how to apply them to everyday situations.

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